Nieuwe kaarten en posters!

De bloemen op de afbeeldingen zijn allemaal afkomstig uit mijn eigen wondertuin! Binnenkort volgen er meer…

De bloemen op de afbeeldingen worden verwerkt in zelfgemaakte gezondheids- en cosmetischeproducten. Hierover binnenkort ook meer!


Photography Kiki & Joost

Fotografie Paviljoen Nieuw Sparrendaal.

Dit prachtig gelegen paviljoen, mocht ik afgelopen week in opdracht fotograferen.

Deze mooie lokatie is voor diverse gelegenheden te huur. Voor meer informatie over Nieuw Sparrendaal kijk op:







Dutch Design Week 2017

Fotografie in opdracht van Kiki & Joost, Organisation in Design & Eco Oh!







Love nature!

Nieuwe collectie posters | prints | kaarten.

Love nature!

Love Nature!

Curious Collections by Kiki van Eijk

New in our wallpapercollection, water-colourings by Kiki van Eijk.

Soon available in our webshop. For more info:

Curious Collections‘Curious Collections’: fashion for walls, which are there to be seen.’The wall covering collection of ‘Curious Collections’ by Mariëlle Leenders has been expanded by the curious illustrations of Kiki van Eijk.
Kiki and Mariëlle met during their studies at Design Academy Eindhoven. They both graduated Cum Laude, in the year 2000. As a special partnership Kiki’s beautiful illustrations have been transformed into curious wall coverings for ‘Curious Collections’.
From now on you can have a real Kiki van Eijk covering your walls. Kiki van Eijk’s collection is presented in galleries, museums and fairs worldwide, in London, Paris, Milan, Venice, New York, Tokyo, Rome, Amsterdam, Moscow, etc.


image8 image9 image10 image11


The exhibition Asia in Amsterdam was styled by Kiki Van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk. The walls are small paintings of up to 30cm, made by Kiki. photographed these paintings very precise and photoshopped all photographs together into 10 different wallpapers. The final result was increased 100 times. The end result was very impressive! Very interesting and managed by Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk. (Photo: Rijksmuseum)

Dawanda interview

Dawanda Lovebook 2015

Wow effect!

Leoline Vinyl Flooring for IVC GROUP – Collection Alice (dessin Angora 31).


Angora 31_detail_01.tif



Angora 31_portrait_01.tif


Angora 31_landscape_01.tif




New address!

Studio/ visitorsaddress:
Curious Collections
Heikantstraat 50 | 5481 BC | Schijndel |The Netherlands


Dutch Design Week

Curious Collections during and after DDW for sale at Out of the Blue, Torenallee 40-10, Eindhoven.


Photodesigns on poufs


Curious Collections at Maison & Objet




Come and see our new colllection cushions at the Maison & Objet. Soon you can find them on our website and webshop!


Come and see our new curious collection of photodesigns and other products at the Maison & Objet from 6-10 sept.

You can find us in Halll 7 | Booth E92.
Maison & Objet

Photoprint Scarfs

New in our collections! A collection digital printed scarfs with our photodesigns. Printed on 100 % silk, these scarfs are very exclusive and divers. Now available in 18 different prints in our webshop!



A phantastic book, full of green inspiration. Photography: Marielle Leenders

The Floriade is a world horticultural expo organised in the Netherlands every 10 years. The sixth Floriade, from April 5th until October 7th, was held in Venlo. The Floriade Park is 66 hectares in size and consists of 5 unique themed worlds: Relax & Heal, Green Engine, Education & Innovation, Environment, and World Show Stage, separated from one another by woods. Each world has its own decor, program and activities. Part of ‘Green Engine’ and designed especially for Floriade 2012, is the ultrasustainable Villa Flora, home to the biggest indoor flower show. The central theme of the flower exhibit is ‘Green Emotion’; the power flowers and plants have to convey emotions, to bring atmosphere to our homes and happiness to our lives. Part of this ‘Green Emotion’ is a daily changing exposition of large floral installations on mobile platforms (A 3m), created with flowers and plants of the seasons. Every plateau fits one of the creative concepts of the Villa Flora: trendy, classical, extreme or modern. This book is a compilation of these original designs, and the most astonishing designs shown on the Floriade – works by Daniel Ost, designs of the Dutch junior championships, remarkable floral works from the bridal show…and many more. An album jam-packed with great ideas and an indispensable memory of this special event.